Team Officials & Certifications

Starlings of Memphis is required to have six certified officials on each team (total 12 – parents & players).  We need one adult R1; one R2; one score keeper; one libero tracker; and two line judges.

**IMPORTANT**You must be a USAV member to access the clinics/courses for certification.  If you do not have a USAV Membership, please click here and join the Delta Region BEFORE completing the steps for certification. The membership type is Chaperone of Junior Team. The cost is $27.00 plus $17.50 for a background screening ($44.50 total).  

You will need your USAV Username and Password to access the site to complete the following steps for certification.

Step 1: Register for certification clinics

  1. Go to and login to your Member Account
  2. In the left menu section of the page, expand the Region Clinics tab by clicking the plus (+) sign
  3. Click the link for Region Ref/Score Clinics
  4. A list of clinics will appear. Click the Details button to read each clinic description carefully.
  5. Click the Participant Registration button for the clinic you wish to register.
  6. After you register for the clinic, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the clinic.

Below is the list of Clinics for the line judge, libero. and scorekeeper certifications:

  • DE18_301   DE Professional Score Clinic for New Scorers-60 minutes
  • DE18_101 Line Judge Training
  • DE18_102: DE Libero Control Training
  • DE18_103: Delta Scorer Training for Jr. Players, Coaches, Chaperones and Managers
  • DE18_104: Second Referee Training
  • DE18_105: First Referee Training Jr. Players, Coaches, Chaperones, and Managers
  • DE18_ 110: First Referee Training for Jr. Coaches and Chaperones

If you need to log in to complete the clinic at a later date after registration and you don’t have the email link, click the red USAV Academy button on the left side of the screen under the menu after you login to the USAV site.  You will be directed to the Officiating and OnDemand Coaching Course Materials site where you will see all the courses you have registered for listed.

Step 2: Complete the certification courses

  1. Under each clinic you registered for, you will find the actual course you have to take. Each course will begin with an Introduction to remind you of what you need to take.
  2. You will need to take all the courses listed which includes everything that begins with US.
  3. When you have completed all courses for the clinic, your certification will appear under the Coaching/Officiating tab on your Member Profile.

If you have trouble with the USAV site,  use the Help/FAQ link in the top right corner of the page. If you have trouble on the Officiating and OnDemand Coaching Course Materials site, use the Help link in the top menu and fill out a ticket.  Someone from the Academy will contact you.