Financial Assistance

The Starlings of Memphis Volleyball Club makes every attempt to provide those in need with some financial support. The club offers financial assistance via fundraising opportunities for eligible families. Several factors are considered to determine who is eligible to receive financial assistance, such as, their financial need, prior volleyball club experience, household size, etc.

Each player that is granted financial assistance will be expected to pay a minimum one third or a maximum of one half of their program fees out of pocket based on their eligibility. Payment arrangements can be discussed and agreed upon as needed with the Financial Aid Committee. Those who qualify for financial assistance are REQUIRED to participate in fundraising to raise the remaining balance of their fees.  Fundraising opportunities will be provided by Starlings of Memphis; however, families are encouraged to participate in outside fundraising as they deem necessary.

Starlings of Memphis Financial Aid Committee shall have sole discretion on determining who is eligible for financial assistance. You must submit an application onlineno later than December 30th. You will be notified via email by January 8th if your application has been approved.  If your application is not approved, click here or see the Program Fee payment plan below to cover your program fees.  Payments may be made in four monthly installments, after the initial deposit. See the sample payment plan below:

For more information on the financial assistance options PLEASE READ the Finance Information Sheet or email the Financial Aid Committee

To check your eligibility for financial assistance, click the link below to complete the form, and upload the required documents by the deadline . Forms will then be evaluated by the  Financial Aid Committee to determine who is eligible and what percentage of your program fees will be out of pocket.  Applications, documents, and all financial information will remain confidential.  Coaches, fellow players, or staff will not be aware of which players were awarded financial assistance. 

Deadline to submit financial assistance form, December 30th, has passed.