About Starlings

Starlings of Memphis, TN is aimed at being more than just a sports club, but our main goal is to promote the volleyball culture in Memphis and enhance literacy for future champion players. The program will prepare its athletes to represent the Memphis Metro Area in the top levels of the sport. We are working together with the National Starling Franchise (San Diego, CA) sport club and we have support from local philanthropist and entrepreneurs of the Memphis area.

Starlings believes the sport of volleyball is ideal for the inner cities and rural areas of America inexpensive, non-contact, and inherently a social game requiring communication and cooperation. Starling has developed a deep Volleyball culture throughout the years, and it has attracted young ladies of all ages to practice the sport. In the past several years, Starling has been focusing more effort to incorporate a literacy program through the Starling Literary/Art Contest where participants submit artistic and literary works on specific themes.

While junior club volleyball dues are often exclusionary, Starlings club dues are dramatically minimized and some girls are provided work opportunities in exchange for monthly dues. As a registered nonprofit, Starlings relies on the fundraising efforts of its participants, grants, charitable donations, and players’ dues to bring junior club volleyball to girls of all socioeconomic backgrounds and levels of play. Your support helps makes this program possible and allows fees to be managed so that every girl can be a Starling, regardless of ability to pay.